Images to HEIC Converter

Image to HEIC converter is a useful tool that allows you to convert images to HEIC format.

HEIC format (High Efficiency Image Container)

A HEIC file is the name Apple has given to the new (High Efficiency Image File Format), developed by the MPEG group. This format is a more efficient way of storing an image file compared with other image files such as the JPEG. It was developed with compression firmly in mind and files are a fraction the size of equivalent JPEG's but with better picture quality. Apple had long been searching for ways to reduce the amount of storage consumed by pictures taken devices such as their iPads and iPhones, and this format wasn perfect. The MPEG group reports that twice as much information can be stored compared to the JPEG format, whilsy HEIC also supports 16 bit deep colour images, leading to much crisper images. HEIC images can be opened automatically with an iOS device, whilst Windows has added support in the Windows 10 Operating System.

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