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Image to JPEG converter is a useful tool that allows you to convert images to JPEG format. is a free source to convert any files to and from JPEG image format. Your files can now convert to JPEG online swiftly without installing additional programs.

Converting pictures and photos to JPEG format is simple and free with our online converter.

JPEG, what's the format

The JPEG file is also sometimes referred to as a JPG. It has been around now for decades and it’s popularity has endured. It is a compressed image format that still provided excellent picture quality but at a fraction of the size of say a BMP format. For many cameras it is the default file type and many sites on the Web use JPEG’s because they aid the page load speed given they’re small in size. A JPEG is a universal format that is able to be opened by almost any device, OS or picture application.

A JPEG uses something called lossy compression which is to say that the compression comes at a cost, namely the quality of the picture is less in a JPEG compared with a RAW file. Having said that, JPEG’s are popular because the overall quality degradation of the image to the human eye is barely noticeable.

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