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Image to PDF converter is a useful tool that allows you to convert images to PDF format.

Convert documents and images to PDF

Use this free online PDF converter to convert files from and to PDF without distorting the quality and layout of your document. No additional software is required to proceed with PDF file conversions.

What does PDF mean?

The PDF format, or Portable Document Format file, was developed by Adobe Systems. PDF files are popular because they can be easily viewed and edited in a variety of computing platforms. Word documents can easily be exported or converted to PDF, and both presentations and images are also often saved out as a PDF file. Typically, PDF files are not created from scratch, but rather existing file types are converted into PDF format to allow the file to be easily shared and accessed.

PDF files normally look exactly like the original file, with fonts, colours and images all preserved. They can also be annotated and can be opened by almost any device and by any modern web browser. PDF files can be edited using Adobe Acrobat PDF software, which was developed almost 30 years ago and is available on Windows and MacOS.

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