Images to PSD Converter

Image to PSD converter is a useful tool that allows you to convert images to PSD format.

PSD converter - online and free is the best way to change PSDs to and from any compatible file format without losing the image quality. You can now convert files into Adobe Photoshop native format with the assistance of this online PSD file converter. You can convert a file for free in just a few clicks, without any need to register for an account.

Adobe Photoshop bitmap

This format is used for storing bitmap images in an Adobe Photoshop project file. It is stored in uncompressed form, and it includes color spaces, layers with masks, two-color settings, layer structures and other data that allow bitmap photos to be finely edited.

Why use the PSD format file?

PSD files are most probably used by designers and artists, even though they are indicated as powerful tools for image data storage and creation. You can consider the .psd format to store multiple layers, objects, and images within high resolution.

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