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Image to TGA converter is a useful tool that allows you to convert images to TGA format.

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A TGA file has a full name of a TARGA Graphic file and is a Raster image file. It was developed by Avid Technology. It was originally developed in 1984 and is much more complex than other Raster image file formats in that there are a number of component parts to it. Originally, when it was first developed, it consisted of a header and just one other section known as the colour map data. As time went on more and more sections were added so that today’s TGA file can support 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits per pixel at a maximum of 24 bit RGB. TGA files’ popularity has endured over the years and they’re still used today and have enjoyed a renaissance since 3D video gaming has become so popular.

TGA image format

A TGA file is a type of raster image developed by Truevision. Sometimes called TARGA files, the name stands for Truevision Advanced Raster Graphics Adapter. Raster images comprise pixels in a grid format, and other raster image types include JPEG, PNG and BMP.

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Use this free online image converter to convert your image to the TGA (Targa) format.

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