Images to WEBP Converter

Image to WEBP converter is a useful tool that allows you to convert images to WEBP format.

Convert your image to the WEBP format

This free online WEBP converter allows you to convert images to the WEBP standard from Google. Just upload a file or provide a URL and your WEBP file can be downloaded immediately.

WEBP converter - online and free

A WEBP file format is an image format that has been developed by Google. As the Internet has grown in popularity, Google needed images to be loaded more quickly whilst still being of high quality. Therefore, Google developed the WEBP format to challenge the JPG domination and succeeded in making the WEBP format more efficient whilst crucially, in most cases, improving the overall picture quality. This allows pages to load more quickly and a lower storage footprint. Originally the WEBP format was developed by On2 Technologies before Google acquired them in 2009 and includes other powerful features including the option for transparency. WEBP images can be opened by Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Edge browsers but unable to be opened by Safari.

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