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Convert to PDF, JPEG, PNG, HEIC, WEBP and other formats.

Image quality

This parameter only applies to JPEG, WEBP, and HEIC images and will be ignored otherwise. The better the quality, the bigger the file size. And the lower the quality, the smaller the file size.

Convert to PDF, JPEG, PNG, HEIC and other formats easily!

We make it easy and fast to convert one format to another. No matter what format you want to convert to, we use high-quality algorithms to convert different formats, so you won't lose any quality when converting. Just upload or drag the image file into the upload box, choose the image format you want, and LikeConvert will take care of the rest. Our online image converter works with almost all types of modern image formats like PDF, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, HEIC, TIFF and more. You don’t need to download or install any programs - our image converter works seamlessly online for ultimate convenience. Try it out now to convert images to the perfect format and quality.

Why do i need an image converter?

An image file converter is useful when you want to change the file format of an image for various reasons. It can be to reduce the size of the image, make it compatible with a specific software or device, or improve its quality, among others.

Easily batch convert image files to JPEG and PNG formats using LikeConvert online image converter. Say goodbye to the repetitive and slow conversion process. Just upload all your photos up to 10 at a time and choose the format you want and leave the rest to us. Our conversion tool will help you save a lot of time and unnecessary work.

What types of image formats exists?

Image formats fall into three main categories: uncompressed, compressed, and vector. Uncompressed formats like BMP were popular in the early days, offering high-quality images but at the expense of larger file sizes. However, as the Internet emerged and the need for faster file transfers intensified, compressed formats like JPEG gained traction. These offer reduced file sizes but at the cost of some image quality. In recent times, modern technology has introduced advanced compressed formats like WEBP, which strike a balance between image quality and file size. Vector formats like EPS and SVG ensure quality at any scale by storing geometric data. However, compatibility issues are common as not all applications and browsers support every image format, making image conversion tools essential for easily changing formats.

Smart JPEG, WEBP, and HEIC compression.

More than 1 million WEBP, PNG and JPEG images optimized and still counting!

What does LikeConvert do?

LikeConvert reduces the file size of your JPEG images. Every uploaded image is analyzed to apply the best possible JPEG encoding. Based on the content of your image an optimal strategy is chosen. The result is a quality image without wasting storage or bandwidth!

Why should I use LikeConvert?

JPEG is the most popular format for photos on your websites and apps. Many JPEG files do not use optimal compression, wasting valuable bytes. Balancing quality and small file size used to be a time consuming task that only humans could do. Not anymore. Let us worry about compression.

Online image converters vs installed software.

Both have their pros and cons. Online converters are typically free to use and you don’t need to install any applications on your system. Software can be expensive and need regular updates, but they offer more features and functionality. In short, use online converters if you quickly need to convert one or multiple files. If you need to edit and do advanced processing, then consider using downloaded software that is installed on your computer.

How to convert?

  1. Upload an image.
  2. Select the output image format.
  3. Click the "Convert" button.
  4. Wait for the conversion to finish and hit the "Download" button to download a single image.
  5. Click on "Download ZIP" to download all the images as a ZIP archive.
  6. Finally, click on "Convert another image" to try another one.

Supported formats:

Currently, this app supports AI, BMP, GIF, HEIC, ICO, JPEG, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF and WEBP image formats.

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